What is Counselling?

Counselling is the process by which the client is listened to in a non-judgemental way, in a confidential manner. It is a unique environment as the counsellor will not offer advice or opinions but use a range of techniques to help the client try and understand clearer what is happening to them and why they are feeling the way they do.

Clients tend to access counselling services when the problems or difficulties in their life have become impossible to solve on their own or from support of their family and friends. This is not a sign of failure or weakness. Counsellors are a neutral, independent person who is detached from all the people in the client’s life.

It is a huge step to admit that help is required from a counsellor, but making the first contact to JHD counselling services is the hardest but most beneficial rung on the ladder to feeling better.

Once making the leap to admitting the need to see a counsellor, a client will get the support needed to help understand their thoughts and feelings.

Why choose JHD Counselling Services?

There are a number of organisations, charities and individual counsellors offering support to people throughout Cambridgeshire. It can therefore be very confusing as to who to turn to for professional help. Often a client will approach a counsellor without understanding totally that they have turned to the most appropriate person for their specific problems/issues.

Carol is starting on her own in Lancashire, using her wealth of experience gained in Cambridgeshire to help a broad range of client needs. However, recognising that different clients have different needs, she is building up a bank of therapists to work alongside her. This ‘matching’ approach, of putting the client with the therapist best suited to what they need, is what sets JHD apart.