Joe Carter

Joe knows that all of us can get stuck. Stuck in our heads and our feelings, in relationships, work, our obsessions and compulsions, stuck in the way we can see things and the stories we can tell ourselves.

Being a human being can be tricky.

Joe works collaboratively with people, together building a clearer understanding of how life’s feeling and exploring different responses to those feelings that can lead to better outcomes. Practising in the counselling field since 2002, Joe has seen that approaching therapy in a relaxed way and in a relaxed setting, helps everyone feels more relaxed. That’s a good place to start looking at the truth of how things are feeling.

Joe is an integrative counsellor; integrating proven therapeutic approaches and progressive learning methods, to develop bespoke and adaptable approaches to life.

“I believe that everything we need to thrive is in us. It always has been. We can absolutely get unstuck. All of us can”.